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pERP is an eGroupWare ERP Group of Modules, mostly geared towards manufacturing, but very configurable. It requires eGroupWare v1.3+.

There is currently support for:
Fine ACL / basic accrual accounting / Suppliers with catalogs / Multiple stock and manufacturing locations / Bill of Materials.

Of note is the integration into eGroupWare:
Home page bits for Accounts Payable and Receivable / Addresses for Users, Suppliers & Clients are stored in the addressboook / Most parts support linking, and some parts link automatically.
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Hallo Zusammen, wir nutzen seit langem den Kalender und sind jetzt auf die neue Version umgestiegen. Uns ist folgender Fehler aufgefallen: Wenn ich an Tag 1 einen Termin habe, der bis 00:00 geht (nicht 23:59) und am Folgetag einen ganztägigen Termin, dann werden alle anderen Termine... 0 0
by viefhues
Hello everyone, i'm developing a EGroupware app and it works well on the old versions from EGroupware, but now i need to migrate my app to EGroupware 16. First i tried to install it but it showed to me dependencies error. As i know EGroupware has changed littel bit it's way how it works. It... 0 0
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