2. release candidate for EGroupware 16.1 available

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2. release candidate for EGroupware 16.1 available

Dear community members, developers and EGroupware users,

Stylite AG is happy to announce the second 16.1 release candidate.

It contains following changes and fixes to 16.1RC1:

SQL state backend is used now
* eSync: Z-Push 2.3 allows to sync Outlook 2013 & 2016
* Mail/Api: replace decrecated Mcrypt PHP extension with OpenSSL, use
AES128 with pbkdf2 streching of passwords
* PGP: renamed (hidden) backup-file in users home-directory to
* InfoLog: change description to longtext (4GB) to not overflow on long
comments or PGP encrypted files
* Addressbook/Mail: fix PHP Fatal error when clicking on "add new
contact" icon in mail
* Resources: fix PHP Fatal call to undefined method
Api\Accounts::get_list() when editing ACL
* Mail: fix PHP Fatal error when saving Sieve scripts
* ImportExport: scheduled im/exports fail with PHP Fatal error
* Filemanager/Projectmanager: fix broken layout when showing
/apps/projectmanager eg. opening Filemanager from PM
* Setup: some authtication types eg. Cas were not shown in setup
* API: async service failed to run on a default install (no phpgwapi)
* Admin: fix async service testjob to run on a default install (no phpgwapi)
* Mail: fix PHP Fatal when switching identities

16.1 contains many new features and improvements, just to name a few:

* Calendar: complete rewrite of user interface for improved
functionality, drag&drop, context menu
* Mobile: new mobile phone and tablet user interface, offering compact
display for mobile phones
* Desktop: new brighter desktop template, lots of work on usability
and look & feel
* Mail/InfoLog: PGP end-to-end encryption using Mailvelope plugin
(InfoLog requires EPL subscription)
* eSync: update to Z-Push 2.3 fixing several Android problems

Please note, the changed minimum requirement of PHP 5.4+, recommended
5.6 or 7.0. It means you need at least a Debian7, Ubuntu 14.04, RHEL 7
(6 with IUS repo) or openSUSE 13.1 or SLE 12. Recommendation is of
course always to use a current distribution, e.g. Ubuntu 16.04 or
RHEL/CentOS 7 with PHP 7.

Recommended installation packages are available in a separate
server:eGroupware:trunk repository on build.opensuse.org:

EGroupware sources are managed on Github since a couple of weeks:


Above page also contains installation instructions for installation via
git with myrepos tool and archives.

Alternatively to a test installation of 16.1 on an own server,
EGroupware is available as a trial service of the Stylite computing center.

Please help testing the release candidate. We┬┤re looking forward to your
feedback on our Facebook page:


Final release is currently planned for beginning of July 2016.

Happy testing


Ralf Becker
Director Software Development

Stylite AG

Isaac-Fulda-Allee 9 | Tel. +49 6131 32702-0
D-55124 Mainz       | Fax. +49 6131 32702-70

Email: [hidden email]

www.stylite.de | www.egroupware.org

Managing Directors: Andre Keller | Ralf Becker | Gudrun Mueller
Chairman of the supervisory board: Prof. Dr. Birger Leon Kropshofer

VAT DE214280951 | Registered HRB 46224 Mainz Germany

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