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It's been a long time since last time I wrote here, and I've been
disconnected of anything related to egw, but right now I have some more
time and also somehow need a solution for some things I have to solve,
and egw seems a good choice for this. Maybe some things I can say are
outdated or wrong, so please bear with me in such case.

I'm aware that 1.8 and felamimail are outdated and now 14.2 is the
current stable release with "mail" replacing felamimail. Also, it looks
like emailadmin has beeen reworked, but its behaviour regarding 1.8
seems to have changed, or there may be a bug. The wizard pops up when
entering mail app for the very first time, allowing to create a mail
profile, but intended for a specific user, because it requires an email
address. I might be wrong, but for muy purpose, not having the option as
before to create "on demand" mail profiles. My purpose is to update what
I wrote long ago for virtual email users with egw db structure [1], and
by using the new mail app egw UI be able to manage mail and other things
and having one app (egw) to manage webmail, addressbook and files, maybe
other things like calendar.

So, it's good to have a group for mail users. But I've found no way to
add a group in the UI. Also, I've found that the admin user who creates
the mail profile, and after asigning the profile to the group, he can't
have access to the created profile, getting the wizard again. This
doesn't happen for the rest of the users in the group, where the profile
seems to work.

I'm studying the tables to integrate the fields in both postfix and
courier by using mysql, but I wonder how "stable" these tables can be in
the future, in order to try to keep the new material stable across new

I've also found problems when using md5 for passwords, so I have set
sha256 encryption, which works well with seamonkey, but in some cases
mail/felamimail have problems, so I'm still working on it.

Last, I'm working with anonymous svn chechouts, since my old credentials
don't work anymore. Since I plan to update the spanish translation, it
would be good to know how to proceed for this.

Regards and happy Christmas.

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