Anyone implemented a "Price List" Feature for Timesheet/Infolog

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Anyone implemented a "Price List" Feature for Timesheet/Infolog


        Has anyone been successful in implementing a price list in egw so that
expenses, not just time, can be tracked with timesheet or infolog.
Something like:

Item Quantity UnitPrice

fax 4 .25/page
phone 6 .18/minute
West Research 3 8.00/minute
Expert Cost 1 2,500
Med Records 1 375
Filing fee 1 218

        That way both expenses and time are captured and the expenses can be
put in a table so they can be selected from a drop down and the
resulting entry would be visible under Timesheet view?

        Or better yet, It would also be great if the Timesheet view were a
tabbed view with two tabs. (1) Regular timesheet and (2) Expensesheet
that could be totaled by (everything/project/client/user or category)

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