Apply General Pricelist to Each Project with 1-click and "billable" default

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Apply General Pricelist to Each Project with 1-click and "billable" default

(also filed as a feature request)

Ralf, all,

    Two issues:

    (1)  Timesheet needs to be improved to allow the general pricelist
to be applied to any or all projects with a single click.

    The present process of associating a pricelist with a project is far
too cumbersome to be usable. This is especially true when you have 50
plus projects underway. Currently, to fully use the pricelist feature
you must create a pricelist using the general "project manager"
"pricelist" menu. Then you must edit every project, select pricelist,
select the project tab, select billable, and then re-enter the item
price for that project even though the price is already in the general
price list. And... you have to do this for every item in the pricelist
repetitively for every project.

    Timesheet would really shine if there was the simple option to
"Apply general timesheet to project" or, in the pricelist, at least be
able to select the project and simply be able to change "No" by
selecting "billable" or "bookable" to apply the entry to the project.

    (2)  Billable needs to be set as default or a preference option
needs to be provided to set it to be the default.

    Currently, if you enter a price for a pricelist element and save,
the entry defaults to "bookable" instead of "billable." This should be
changed. From an accounting standpoint "bookable" rarely applies and
only applies where there are contractual write-offs associated with
different payor classes such as a hospital that books recievables for
Medicare, Medicaid, 3rd Party payors, and private pay at full fare and
then knows they are "billable" at the government determined
reimbursement rate or the negotiated 3rd party payor rate. The
difference between bookable and billable being the contractual write
off. For 99% of normal people this never applies (unless they are
cooking with 2 sets of books -- that's a no no). So a default to
"billable" makes much more sense, at least from a legal and GAAP standpoint.

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