Bugs #3279: Unable to add to or Edit Group ACL

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Bugs #3279: Unable to add to or Edit Group ACL

Ticket modified by Ralf Becker at 2014/05/12 09:50
Tracking SystemBugs
Priority5 - medium
Created byRandy T
Created on2014/04/17 13:46
Assigned toRalf Becker
Summary#3279 - Unable to add to or Edit Group ACL
Cannot edit or add to Group ACL.

To reproduce using Admin attempt to Add a new application for a Group ACL. ACL Deleted Message is displayed. Same result when editing an Group ACL. Although deleted message is displayed no changes take place.
Comment by Ralf Becker at 2014/05/12 09:50:
I believe this bug is fixed in svn. Please update via svn or wait for the next bugfix relase. Please re-open the bug, if it still happens with an up to date svn checkout.

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Bugs #3279: Unable to add to or Edit Group ACL
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