Bugs #3280: Mail Wizard Failure on SMTP Verify

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Bugs #3280: Mail Wizard Failure on SMTP Verify

Ticket modified by balazs zeller at 2014/05/12 15:24
Tracking SystemBugs
Priority5 - medium
Created byRandy T
Created on2014/04/17 13:53
Assigned toKlaus Leithoff
Summary#3280 - Mail Wizard Failure on SMTP Verify
I am unable to complete mail account setup using the Mail account Wizard. My setup I have no secure connection to SMTP. The wizard successfully verifies the connection Secure Connection of No however the Secure defaults to STARTTLS preventing me from completing the Wizard.
Comment by balazs zeller at 2014/05/12 15:24:
This ticket is not solved, I still have the problem by the SMTP config with localhost + no TLS. Same result with mailserver with TLS option.
Comment by Tracking System at 2014/05/06 20:00:
This Tracker item was closed automatically by the system. It was previously set to a pending status and was not responded within 14 days.
Comment by Ralf Becker at 2014/04/22 19:04:
Hi Randy,

I believe I fixed this bug is fixed in svn. Please update via svn or wait for the next bugfix relase. Please re-open the bug, if it still happens with an up to date svn checkout.


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Bugs #3280: Mail Wizard Failure on SMTP Verify
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