Bugs #3281: Field From / To in felamimail displayed wrong

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Bugs #3281: Field From / To in felamimail displayed wrong

Ticket modified by Klaus Leithoff at 2014/04/23 15:52
Tracking SystemBugs
VersionVersion 1.8.004
ResolutionInfo only
Priority5 - medium
Created byRuediger Zapf
Created on2014/04/22 20:59
Assigned toKlaus Leithoff
Summary#3281 - Field From / To in felamimail displayed wrong
When opening INBOX header is: TO: but listed address is FROM:

It seem there is a mishandling of the internal boxtype switches.

Please have a look on it and respond to me .. if you have questions -ask.

Tested with: 1.8.006

best regards

Comment by Klaus Leithoff at 2014/04/23 15:52:
If you hafe a pref for
Welche E-Mailordner, zusätzlich zum Gesendet-Ordner, sollen im Anzeigenschema analog des Gesendet-Ordners dargestellt werden (Empfänger-Adresse, anstatt der Absender-Adresse).
Extra sent folders
Which folders in addition to the Sent folder should be displayed using the Sent Folder View Schema

set to INBOX, you may see something like that.
Try to set it to none.

Already did that? Hard to figure without a setting that works correctly, as I can only reproduce the behavior described when doing the above.

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Bugs #3281: Field From / To in felamimail displayed wrong
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