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Bugs #3282: Emailadmin

Ticket modified by Klaus Leithoff at 2014/04/24 09:18
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Priority5 - medium
Created bybalazs zeller
Created on2014/04/24 06:58
Assigned toKlaus Leithoff
Summary#3282 - Emailadmin

after update to #46568 felamimail will not start, result is white blank screen with following error message:
[Thu Apr 24 06:14:26 2014] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Cannot access parent:: when current class scope has no parent in /var/www/egroupware/productive/emailadmin/inc/class.emailadmin_bo.inc.php on line 55, referer: https://xxx..xxxx.xx/erp/index.php?menuaction=admin.admin_ui.index&ajax=true

Same result with admin --> emailadmin menu.

Best regards,
Comment by Klaus Leithoff at 2014/04/24 09:18:
Sorry, no felamimail anymore for trunk
we decided to remove it and all stuff that was needed to
have it running.
Only way to go is using the new mail app.

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Bugs #3282: Emailadmin
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