EGroupware 14.1.20140630 release candidate available

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Ralf Becker Stylite AG Ralf Becker Stylite AG
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EGroupware 14.1.20140630 release candidate available

The release candidate is available from

It fixes following major issues:
- version numbers are now 14.1
- PostgreSQL installation and updates are working now
- custom-fields are stored in an own table (no more limit how many you
can have)
- site configuration, categories, schema in backups and preferences use
now JSON encoding (instead of PHP serialization)

Currently open major issues:
- package upgrade under Debian requires currently: aptitude update;
aptitude install egroupware-epl; aptitude upgrade
   and then to go to EGroupware setup and run pending application
updates. (Ubuntu and RPM packages work!)

This is planned to be the only release candidate with a final release on
Thursday 3. July 2014 :-)

Release notes are currently worked on and will be available from

We are looking for translators as many app have changed. Translations
status is available again

If you want to contribute translations to EGroupware most easy way is to
get an account on our translation server

Please help testing with new installations and (test-)updates of your
current data.

If you run into problems, please create a trial in our hosting:

test if problem still exists there and report it with the provided
credentials at our bug-tracker:

Thanks to everyone helping with testing of the release


Ralf Becker
Director Software Development

Stylite AG

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D-67292 Kirchheimbolanden | Fax. +49 6352 70629 30

Email: [hidden email] |

Managing Directors: Andre Keller | Ralf Becker | Gudrun Mueller
Chairman of the supervisory board: Prof. Dr. Birger Leon Kropshofer

VAT DE214280951 | Registered HRB 31158 Kaiserslautern Germany

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Re: EGroupware 14.1.20140630 release candidate available

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