EGroupware 14.1 released

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Ralf Becker Stylite AG Ralf Becker Stylite AG
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EGroupware 14.1 released

(Deutsche Übersetzung am Ende / German translation at the end)

EGroupware 14.1 release is available immediately :-)

A list of major new features is available for our new website:

The release is available from

Detailed information about changes and fixed issues is available from

Please read release notes before attempting to update to 14.1

We are looking for translators as many app have changed. Translations
status is available again

If you want to contribute translations to EGroupware most easy way is to
get an account on our translation server

If you run into problems, please create a trial in our hosting:

test if problem still exists there and report it with the provided
credentials at our bug-tracker:

Many thanks everyone who made this huge effort possible and thanks to
everyone for having patience with us while we've been working on it :-)


- Deutsche Übersetzung / Germany translation ---------------------------

EGroupware 14.1 Release ist ab sofort verfügbar, siehe unsere

Eine Liste der neuen Funktionen ist auf userer Website verfügbar

Das Release selbst kann hier herunter geladen werden

Detailierte Informationen über Änderungen und behobene Probleme gibt es

Bitte lesen Sie die "Release notes" bevor Sie auf 14.1 updaten

Bei Problemen / Fehlern bitte ein Trail in unserem Hosting erstellen

testen ob das Problem dort (noch) existiert und es mit den erhaltenen
Zugangsdaten auf unserem Helpdesk reporten:

Vielen Dank an jeden der diese enorme Anstrengung möglich gemacht hat
und auch danke an alle für ihre Geduld mit uns, während wir daran
gearbeitet haben :-)

Ralf Becker
Director Software Development

Stylite AG

Morschheimer Strasse 15 | Tel. +49 6352 70629 0
D-67292 Kirchheimbolanden | Fax. +49 6352 70629 30

Email: [hidden email] |

Managing Directors: Andre Keller | Ralf Becker | Gudrun Mueller
Chairman of the supervisory board: Prof. Dr. Birger Leon Kropshofer

VAT DE214280951 | Registered HRB 31158 Kaiserslautern Germany

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ThomasPerraudin ThomasPerraudin
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Re: EGroupware 14.1 released

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thanks for the release, that's great.
But I encounter a problem.
I have developed an application with eGroupware 1.8. I have installed this app on 14.1, but I cannot access to the app. It is not visible in the administration panel but I can see it at the bottom of the list in "Changelog and versions" > "Applications".
Can you guess what may be the problem ?
ThomasPerraudin ThomasPerraudin
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Re: EGroupware 14.1 released

This post has NOT been accepted by the mailing list yet.
In reply to this post by Ralf Becker Stylite AG

I also encountered a conflict when installing eGroupware on a shared database.
In my case, the database is shared with Sugar and one of Sugar tables is named "config".
I don't know why, but egroupware tries to use this table. It should only try to read or write to egw_config, isn't it ?