Firefox 45.6 ESR began opening 'View'->'Addressbook' in full page instead of pop-up. How to fix?

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Firefox 45.6 ESR began opening 'View'->'Addressbook' in full page instead of pop-up. How to fix?

Ralf, All,

  I have an older production install of 1.8. (still trying to find time to
test 16git, I've pulled the source, just haven't had a day to set aside to
kick the tires) Recently firefox started opening the 'view->addressbook' link
in a full window instead of a popup (like 'edit-addressbook'). This make the
information impossible to work with if you have a document you are using the
information in or trying to copy the information to. For the past 10+ years
'view->addressbook' has always opened as the same dialog as
'edit->addressbook' in firefox which makes working with the information super
convenient because you have a nice small dialog you can easily move out of the
way of what document you are using the information in. With a full-page, you
have the whole darn browser window in your way. This appears new to the
firefox ESR 45.6 or immediately prior version.

  This also triggers the horrendously annoying problem of attempting to click
'Back' in the brower to close the 'view' of the addressbook and being prompted
with the error dialog that the document expired 'resend' the information (of
course using the cancel button works fine, but human nature being what it is,
goes for the 'Back' button without even pausing)

  Obviously this is a firefox bug (new feature), but I need to understand the
difference in how view and edit are called in ordered to file a bug with
bugzilla.mozilla to have them take a look at what changed. The links at issue are:





  Is there a way I can set this behavior so that view-addressbook once again
opens in a small-convenient popup, or tell mozilla how this link gets opened
so the same occurs?

index.php seems to key part of the page build off the '$windowed' variable
(index.php line:82). It looks like this is used to control setting 'noheader'
and 'nonavbar' (false) and 'currentapp' to 'eGroupWare'. (this is my best
guess at what could effect the opening based on the file)

process_exec.php on the otherhand, seems to set 'noheader' and 'nonavbar'
(True) (which makes sense if you want a popup) and 'currentapp' to $app. (the
opposite of view)

  Is this the right code that controls the different openings I am now seeing
in FF 45.6ESR? If so, how does this translate into whatever html is generated
that might effect opening?

  diffing the edit and view sources for the generated pages, it seems the
following dom components are probably the ones involved:

-<div id="etemplate.popup.manual">  /* used when edit is invoked */
+<div id="topmenu">                 /* used when view is invoked */

  Is this the crux of what is happening? edit is using
"etemplate.popup.manual" which opens in a nice small dialog, and view is using
"topmenu" which pulls in all the menus and button bars resulting in a full
page display? It seems likely there are other parts of the underlying template
involved (idots default is used)

  The goal is to understand what code is being sent that is now causing the
new version of ff to display view in a full browser window where before it
always chose a nice popup like edit. Am I on the right track?

  Thanks for any help you can provide, and keep up the good work! (and please,
please, include a simple table based idots template that doesn't rely on 3rd
party code with 16 - for Christmas maybe :)

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.

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