Html not working in sitemgr.

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Html not working in sitemgr.

Sorry if this is a double post but the first did no seem to go through.

I am unable to edit html in site manager in a new install.

I install Egroupware and download the following from git hub
(sitemgr,   etemplate, phpgwapi)

I then run the egroupware set up

In the set up I then:
select install for phpgwapi and click on save
Select install for etemplate and click on save
Then select install for developer tools, sitemanager, samba,  phpbrain and wiki  and
click on save.

Clear cache and register hooks
All OK no errors messages at this point.

I then log in as admin into Egroupware

At this point I can go to Admin to the "Site configuration" and I can edit details there. Language, Appearance site title etc.

I make sure that the sitemgr user has access rights (run) to web site and the NoGroup also has access rights to “run” the website.( the SiteMgr user primary group is NoGroup.)

I then go to the site manager select edit site website and add a html block.
Just ordinary text “Hello world”.

The test text does not display on the website.

I have checked that all groups and the SiteMgr user have read rights on the website. All other blocks (admin, calender, google,registration form) seem to work.
(Not sure is this is relevant but the delete this block icons are massive in navigation irrespective of style-sheet.)

What can I check test to find out why the html blocks are not showing in sitemgr?

Thanks in advance