Multi level BOM Listing time not calculated ?

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Multi level BOM Listing time not calculated ?

Hello Nathan & developers,

I have a multi-level BOM currently being created (which follows the
order of assembly of a product);

However. In the BOM Listing (accessed by clicking the looking glass at the BOM Edit screen),
the total time of assembly is not calculated (time of sub-assembly stages also shown as 0 on
BOM Listing)

This goes right on from the first stage where the problem is:

The BOM Edit only accepts whole minutes per line. (e.g. no 0.1 minutes).
I tried to circiumvent that, by leaving some lines at 0 and filling in others in multiplies of a
minute, but the result is, that the BOM of this stage always shows 0 min.

Rationale: the subassembly is (internal process) built in batches of 10, and putting one component into the
whole batch of 10, takes 1 minute. (imagine one resistor of a kind, per board).

Otherwise, maybe the whole production stage could be timed (montage time of batch of 10 divided by 10
would be entered there)

Kind Regards,

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