Need better way to associate pricelist to project

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Need better way to associate pricelist to project


        Is there any better way to associate the general pricelist to a project
besides selecting the project and then going through line-by-line in the
pricelist to associate each individual item with the project??

        It would really be helpful to have a checkbox to the right of each
element of the pricelist so that you could simply create/edit the
project select pricelist from the menu (or go pricelist and then select
the project) and then have a checkbox so that you could check each
pricelist element that applies to the project and hit OK

        Another (probably better) way would simply be to make all entries in
the general pricelist available to all projects by default.

        Currently it is very cumbersome just to get a pricelist available to
each project.

        Any thoughts?

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