Perp trunk : some overriding stock code setting have weird effects (and some other suggestions for New Stock/Stock List areas)

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Perp trunk : some overriding stock code setting have weird effects (and some other suggestions for New Stock/Stock List areas)

the story of pERP trunk on EGW CE 1.8 from packages continues.
In today's episode:

(as sysop)
- in Admin, Inventory, Site Configuration, I have 'invented' myself a stock number format
'%3$s%1$05d%5$s' and applied, then entered 2 inventory lines with default Allow Stock Number Changes setting
(number never changes, auto-generate for new).
- then I changed the setting to 'Auto-generate for new, users can override for new stock'.
- this has the following effect:
 * going into Inventory, Stock, New Stock Item shows writable value for Stock code (OK)
 * entering the details of the stock line, adjusts the stock code (stock category change), changes the
   Stock Code field to read-only (!).
 * hitting 'Save', it complains about 'Field must not be empty !!!' and changes Stock Code field to writable (!)
 * enter anything into that Stock Code field, hit save - the Stock code is autogenerated according to
   stock number format and the Stock Code field changed to read-only.

 * setting Allow Stock Number Changes to 'Changes always allowed (with permissions)' [I am sysop, remember]
   has the effect of auto-generating the stock code in the last step and making the Stock Code field writable.
   (and amendable for all products).

Rationale : I am entering my production items to the system, but most of them so far are generic

(can be ordered from at least 2 suppliers who use many different manufacturers and the result doesn't matter
as they are the same within tolerances - they are, for example, passive electronic components like resistors;
it's the same as your generic, say, plain washer: no-brainer because most of the time you choose the 'lowest bidder'
suppplier for those and they all work exactly the same as there is no 'science' to them, but obviously every
supplier/manufacturer will use their own codes for them; but to us internally we just don't care. Supplier codes
will only be entered in supplier catalogue. And internally we refer to them with codes that contain size/material
info only)

so I wanted to come up with some clever code naming scheme for those;
But for /most/ assemblies and sellables I probably will use the 'new' stock code scheme (maybe with some
modifications by-hand).

Hopefully this helps somebody somehow :)

Kind Regards,

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