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Prevent Timesheet Entry Auto Erase

Ralf, all

        This is sort of a feature request and help request all rolled into one.
This applies to the timesheet entry dialog and the main timesheet view
window with 'no detail' selected.

        First, Is there any way to prevent the Timesheet entry Title field from
auto erasing the project information upon entry into the field?  Why?
Our office manager uses the main timesheet window with "no details" to
move timesheet entries to Quickbooks for accounting purposes. The
project is not shown in the "no details" timesheet view and unless the
project name remains in the Title field, there is no way to tell what
project the timesheet entry belongs to without selecting 'details' which
more than doubles the time it takes to move the timesheet data over.

        In order for her to be able to quickly transfer the information, we
must put the client/project name in the Timesheet entry 'Title' field.
By default, the timesheet entry Title field is filled with the project
number and project name. For our use, when entering time in the
timesheet dialog, we just need to delete the project number and type in
the case specific information to the Title for proper tracking.

        What is frustrating is the 'auto erase' behavior deletes *all* of the
project information from the Title field when you enter the field
forcing you to have to 're-type' the project name again plus the
information related to that specific entry.

        In some browsers you can hit 'esc' a couple of times and get the
project information back into the Title field so that you can edit it as
needed. Unfortunately Konqueror isn't one of them. So what I need to
know is:

(1) Is there anywhere I can kill the 'auto erase' behavior?, if not

(2) How can I make the project information display in the timesheet view
with "no details" selected??

        There is plenty of room in the Title cell to display both. The two-line
'Date' column has both the date and time displayed while the one-line
'Title' field has only the title displayed in 'no detail' view. It would
be of great help to display the two-line 'Title/Project' combination in
the title field in the 'no detail' view.

        For our data transfer purpose displaying the 'details' is very
cumbersome and inefficient. Many of the timesheet entries are 10-15
lines long making the detail view difficult to use for this timesheet

        I have also tried etemplate to add the project information to the Title
field of the 'no detail' timesheet view to no avail, so I'm stuck and my
office manager is throwing stones at me to find a solution. So do I have
any hope of being able to accomplish either (1) or (2) above?

        Thanks as always

David C. Rankin, J.D., P.E.
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