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On 25-Sep-09, at 9:54 AM, Natasha Cardoso Dias wrote:

> I'm working with Human Resources. Just Human Resources, without  
> payroll.
> I signed up staff and departments and I tried to link an accounts  
> contact, but this module create a new contact on the contact list.  
> Can it just link the staff to an existent account contact?

It used to be possible, but it caused too much confusion.  People  
would always add a new record anyway...
In addition, quite often there are privacy concerns with some of the  
information being available to all employees / public, so we use a  
separate addressbook restricted to only HR / Payroll.  The duplication  
is annoying.

> I also want to know how does the tab "Resources" works and what is  
> this funcionality. Here it's blank!

It's blank everywhere, it's not done yet.  I haven't figured out a  
really good way do implement it.

> Another question: can I hide the tab "Payments"? I want to work just  
> with Human Resources, without payroll.

If you have your permissions to payroll removed, that tab should be  
removed also.
If you are not using payroll in your organization, you may want to  
remove everyone's permission to access payroll.  No need to un-install  
it, just remove access.

Nathan Gray
nathan at goarctic dot com

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