Re: custumizing Cpte EGW email (imap/smtp) with emailPRO OVH account

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Re: custumizing Cpte EGW email (imap/smtp) with emailPRO OVH account

I administer an EGW platform (16.9), on behalf of a town hall. The platform is hosted by OVH-mutu
Email accounts are also hosted by OVH.
Imap (ssl) [hidden email]
Smtp (STARTTLS) [hidden email]
Until then no worries, all ok.
Two accounts are too small with 5GB (no comment is not the subject :-))
So, ovh subscription from email-PRO to two additional accounts
Both accounts are accessible under ROUNDCUBE, THUNDERBIRD, OUTLOOK ... ok? well no !
Imap (ssl) [hidden email]
Smtp (STARTTLS) [hidden email]

Impossible to make them work under EGW, finally ... almost impossible!
By running an ubuntu in local emulation on my pc, to host EGW (16.1) I managed to make it access to the mail server - PRO ovh
Similarly by subscribing a demo space to egroupware version 19.1 it also worked

Otherwise egroupware 16.9 OVH-MUTU <-> email-PRO server OVH

Connection with the server failed! And that's all Folk!

An experience, an idea?
I confess that will appreciate it as you do not imagine :-)
Thanks in any case to have read so far

J. Penneroux

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