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Re: [eGroupWare-users] Category Default for Project

Ralf Becker wrote:
> Not at the moment, thought I'm not sure that's always wanted.
> Ralf


        Let's say I have a client. His billing rate is $200/hr and the category
is 'malpractice'. When I add an info log or timesheet, I would like to
already have the rate and category default to $200/hr and malpractice to
prevent having to enter/reselect this information every time anything
related to that client/project is added, or worse yet, having someone
enter the *wrong* information. There can be hundreds of entries made per
client by numerous different people and implementing a default scheme
could save significant time and *prevent* errors.

        Just a thought... but when a project is selected in timesheet, infolog
or whatever, it would seem the dialog could check/query the project for
the defaults and just fill in the dialog from there.

        If it is not wanted, there is *no* wasted effort to change the fields
in the input dialogs that were going to be entered anyway.  A default
scheme could significantly reduce errors that arise from
incorrect/ignorant user entry of information.

        Maybe something to put on the back-burner, but if egw can offer error
reduction in data input, that is just another significant area where egw
will set itself apart as being a superior/efficient package.

> David Rankin schrieb:
>> Ralf, etc.
>> Is there anyway that a category can be associated with a project so
>> that it will be the default for all items (etc. timesheet) subsequently
>> entered for the project?

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