Shipment received OK, Invoice not correctly generated

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Shipment received OK, Invoice not correctly generated

[sorry sent it from wrong account so it could not reach the list...]

Hi Developers, Nathan,

I have 'received' my first shipment.
First thing, the receive screen demands exact counts of components received
(and that is I think related to what I'm seeing):

In the invoice creation area, the quantity is not divided by unit of measure when
so what should be
quantity : 2 ; Description : Resistor pack of 100; Unit price : 0.011; Line price 1.23

(as per delivery note)
comes up as
quantity: 200; description: [same]; Unit price : 0.011; Line price : 2200.0 (!)

Modifiying the quantity to 2 produces
quantity: 2; description: [same]; Unit price : 0.011; Line price : 22.0 (!)

Suppliers catalogue lists this product sold by this supplier in packs of 100, at 0.61 per pack.

Basically I don't care much about the invoices as that is handled by someone else,
external to my department. I'll defer invoice creation at least for now.

Hope this helps,

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