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Show [ Project ] In Timesheet View

    Currently in Timesheet when our office manager needs to transfer our
time to Quickbooks, she is presented with the following fields in timesheet
view with "no details" shown.

Date, Title, Category, Duration, Quantity, Price, Total, User, Actions

    The problem is that the "Title" displayed is the title of the timesheet
entry and there is no information about what project the timesheet entry is
linked to unless she opens each of the timesheet entries and looks to see
which project it is associated with. This is very time consuming. It would
be much better and easier on her if the project information was displayed in
the timesheet listing as well like this:

Date, [Project], Title, Category, Duration, Quantity, Price, Total, User,

    This would make egw much more usable and provide a correlation between
the timesheet entry and project for anyone that looks at the timesheet.

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