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Ukrainian translation

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to deploy egroupware to non profit organization, and people want ukrainian language massages from the system.
Enjoying life I've found very obscure ukrainian translation.
My dids:
Installed version 1.8 from deb packages on debial lenny xen vm. Auth backend is LDAP, no migration.
Started to translate adressbook (small % was already translated), and almost completed, saved
file (see attach)

and then I've found svn version. It works much better with group permissions.

copiied the attached file to location -- and can not findĀ  phrases translated on translation tools --> english to ukrainian. file perm is 644 owner www-data.

Is it possible to import translation from 18 release to svn version?

I am going to translate several modules except Adressbook (Infolog, Project manager, email, Resources, Calendar, Polls, maybe forgot smth).
I can coordinate ukrainian translation of EGR.


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