Video: How to install EGroupware on Ubuntu?

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Video: How to install EGroupware on Ubuntu?

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"How to install EGroupware on an Ubuntu server?"
"How to built up an Ubuntu server on ProfitBricks data center?"
"How to set the correct php adjustments?"
"Where to find all installation instructions on GitHub?"
Dear EGroupware admins,

In this tutorial we provide all important informations that you need to install the EGroupware Community Edition (CE) on an Ubuntu 16.04 server in a ProfitBricks environment: EGroupware Installation on Ubuntu 16.04

All instructions regarding the EGroupware installation itself would still be valid outside of a ProfitBricks environment, as long as you use an Ubuntu 16.04 server. The first part of our tutorial is a short explanation of how to build up an Ubuntu server on ProfitBricks data center. If you think this is not relevant to your environment you may skip to the fifth minute of the video.

We’re currently working on a tutorial about how to install EGroupware on Centos and on UCS. Furthermore, we'll publish a video about the installation of the EGroupware Enterprise Line (EPL) on an Ubuntu server.
You'll find more information about the EGroupware Enterprise Line here: EGroupware Enterprise Line.

For further questions, please feel free to contact us: [hidden email] or visit:

Your EGroupware Team

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