eGroupware release 1.6 final available

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eGroupware release 1.6 final available

The eGroupware project is proud to present the 4th major release since
the foundation of the project in 2003.

What's new in eGroupware v1.6?

* Complete new implementation of the filemanager DMS by means of PHP
stream-wrapper and WebDAV, ACL control on directories and files - the
new architecture allows now uploading of big files.
* Implementation of new functions like multiple mail accounts and many
bugfixes in the email client.
* Extensive new features for the tracker-application: for example
escalation-matrix for tickets and automatic mail-conversion as a ticket.
* Improved calendar functions especially with recurring-events.
* Supplements and adaptations in the addressbook like appointment-view,
custom fields, distribution lists shown in the contact directly and in
the addressbook list, multiple categorization of contacts in the
addressbook list.
* Improvement of the template functionality of the project manager and
some bugfixes.
* New theme for the 1.6 release
* Massive bug fixes for SyncML
* Many useful extensions and adaptations as well as bug-fixes in all

All package types are available via our download page:

Please note:
- eGroupware 1.6 requires PHP5.1+ (recommended 5.2)
- release notes:
- update/install instructions:
- VFS update instructions:

Please note the press release from Stylite GmbH, the main developer of
eGroupware, about the release:


If you have contacts to press in your country, please spread the news.
It's also available as an English and German PDF document.

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