new EGroupware 1.8.001 maintenance release

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new EGroupware 1.8.001 maintenance release

   * eMail: fix for a problem reported with FreeBSD regarding the
generation of random strings for temp-filenames
   * Notifications: fix dont try to notify when none is set/forced for
folders to check for new mails; dont try to notify when email as module
is not enabled for the particular user
   * eMail: remove invalid -at- when occurring in full name, when adding
address to email; skip addresses that produce a parse error while parsed
with imap_rfc822_parse_adrlist
   * eMail: fixed error reported with the user-list: Warning on
Felamimail, error array_merge in line 1600
   * fixed birthday of contacts/accounts in LDAP could not be modified
in addressbook
   * WiKi: Edit permissions now do imply read permissions
   * ImportExport: Replace CRLF with LF so excel does not break lines
early (myStylite#974)
   * CSV Export: Replace CRLF with LF so excel does not break lines
early (myStylite#974)
   * ProjectManager config allow non-admin to change working times was
not working
   * Calendar: invite rights, should NOT implicate a freebusy rights
(users with invite rights could see freebusy times of other users)
   * JSCalendar: fixed week containing 4th Jan is shown as 52th instead
1st week, if week starts on sunday is selected
   * dont give sql error in gathering statistic data, if table does not
exists (eg. Gallery is not installed)
   * Weeknumbers in calendar views, were wrong for week-start-day other
then Monday
   * addressbook: check if typefilter is valid (type available), if not
remove it
   * addressbook: postgres compatibility for distributionlists
   * eMail: not filtering own(ed) emailaddresses out of drafts while
reopening them for continued processing
   * calendar: PANAMA holidays provided by rafael chacon
   * eMail: preview now requires user action (click on)
   * fixed "undefined function lang_select" issue, if no cookies are
allowed, also showing again language selection for new installs
   * Calendar: fixed overlapping columns to result in equally wide
visible parts for unlimited number of columns
   * SambaAdmin: try binded as $accountDN with $_newPassword, in case
root DN has no rights to modify anything

  -- Ralf Becker <[hidden email]>  Mon, 14 Feb 2011 15:04:52 +0100

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