new EGroupware maintenance release and Ubuntu 10.04 PHP 5.3.3 packages

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new EGroupware maintenance release and Ubuntu 10.04 PHP 5.3.3 packages

Just released a new maintenance release for 1.8, fixing a lot of bugs
mentioned below:

* updated phpfreechat to version 1.3 to fix php 5.3 depricated warnings
* correctly parsing of "time-range" REPORT filter, giving a SQL error
before because it requires comparing as unix timestamp not strings
* Gallery: ignoring ERROR_OBSOLETE_DATA in editAccount hook, as it seems
to indecated no error, but nothing changed
* removing memory limit from backup download, by switching off output
buffering and zlib output compression
* fixed handling of + char in VFS filenames (using egw_vfs::decodePath()
instead of urldecode())
* ImportExport: fixed translation default value not working (eg.
* CalDAV/Lightning: fixed under some conditions infinit poping up alarms
and user not able to add alarms
* Calendar: fixed in some cases not updated alarms, if event got moved
* LDAP addressbook filter for all addressbooks by
"(objectclass=inetorgperson)" to not get eg. computer accounts from Samba
* Calendar: no longer returning private events of other user while
searching, as it can reveal private information
* Wiki: fixed and documented wiki makros: PageSize, LinkTable,
PageLinks, PageRefs, OrphanedPages, WantedPages and Transclude
* Calendar: fixed SQL error on search: Argument of OR must be of type
boolean, not of type smallint
* Calendar: fixed PostgreSQL error on transfering records of a delted
user to an other one
* fixed not working scheduled import from vfs
* SiteMgr: allow to import permissions from a previous exported dump
(requires identical user and group names to exist)
* wiki: fixed not working xml export using url
* updated .htaccess to memory_limit=256M
* fixed not working async service test-job
* exceptions in async jobs no longer stop other jobs, but log the
exception to Apache error_log
* Calendar: store async job of alarm with alarm owner as owner to get
eg. the correct from address
* ProjectManager: fixed storing a project with unchanged completion=0%,
wrongly sets it to "none"
* ProjectManager: fixed not show status bar in project, if no times set
for elements
* ProjectManager: fixed ganttchart generated twice (instead reading it
from temp. dir)
* ProjectManager: fixed not working switch from real to planned times of
projects in ganttchart
* ProjectManager: use calculated start time to calculate end-times, eg.
InfoLog DS returned only planned end-times before
* eMail: ask confirmation before deleting a folder in manage folders
* Calendar: fixed not working "hideprivate" filter (shows own private
events as private, not NOT showing them)
* updated timezone database to version 1.2011b from current Lightning
* API: upgrade to purifier Version 4.3.0
* give everyone implicit rights for home app, as taking them away makes
to many support problems
* WebDAV download: switching zlib.output_compression off for everything
but text files
* CalDAV: improved performance of ctag generation
* Calendar/CalDAV: ctag got not updated when eg. a recurrence got
deleted, causing CalDAV calendar to not automatic update
* Setup: fixed not working deinstall of languages
* Calendar/API: fixed not working dateformat d-M-Y with French language
(Juin=Jun, Juillet=Jui)
* check quantity of resource to book against maximum, as conflict check
only fails if other events are involved
* Calendar: fixed status of all recurrences get set to "unknown", if
status of a single recurrence get changed (#2916)

Attention Ubuntu 10.04 LTS users:
We build now the segmentation fault free Ubuntu 10.10 PHP 5.3.3 packages
for 10.04. They are available via EGroupware software repository. If you
already use EGroupware packages from there:

        aptitude update; aptitude upgrade

should be all you need to do.

For Downlaod instructions see

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