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new EGroupware maintenance release

As an eastern present: new maintenance release for 1.8.

It fixes a lot of PostgreSQL related bugs and some others:

   * Addressbook: lettersearch was not working for addressbooks in LDAP
if PostgreSQL database was used (bug #2851)
   * Calendar: fixed not working "use event TZ" pref for iCal exports
and allways use event TZ for calendar notifications (NOT use file export
   * SyncML/Calendar/PostgreSQL: fixed SQL error when searching
participants (SELECT DISTINCT requires ORDER-BY-expressions to be in
   * Wiki/PostgreSQL: fixed SQL error when viewing history (#2927),
PostgreSQL needs mixed case names quoted
   * PostgreSQL: when importing/updating timezones, only query last
insert id, if not already in database (gives warning for PostgreSQL)
   * Addressbook/PostgreSQL: lettersearch in organisation-view allways
returned empty
   * Preferences: fixed not working setting of preferences without a logout
   * addressbook: enable advanced search for addressbook org view
   * eMail: fix for styliteTracker Bug#1471 (adding more than 4 lines of
addresses to a mail in compose-dialog shrinks the address-area to a
height of 0 with IE9)
   * eMail: make sure the quotaDisplay is refreshed on Message List refresh
   * Admin: fix for reported error regarding wrong count of lines in
Admin -> view error log (note, not all errors are logged there, only
some. Its only used for some error logging, most of error logging is
done/directed to the webservers error log)
   * Addressbook/PostgreSQL: fixed SQL error when checking "use whole query"
   * SiteMgr: fixed detection of downloaded content, using Content-Type
header now and adding style="white-space: pre-wrap; text-aling: left;"
to pre-tag for textfiles
   * Preference: fixed PHP Fatal error:  Cannot use string offset as an
array on line 550, by importing preference class from trunk
   * PostgreSQL/Addressbook: fixed SQL error when listing account,
groups or querying birthdays

For Download instructions see

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