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new EGroupware maintenance release

Just released a new maintenance release for 1.8.002, fixing a lot of
bugs mentioned below:

   * Calendar: not using freebusy rights for searching calendar, as it
would allow to probe for event contents
   * tracker: mailhandling, fixing a problem with -> not correctly
extracting mailadresses <- when adresses contained UpperCase Letters
   * email: fix for missing style color:red in notification messages
   * tracker: mailhandling - prevent to use rsh or ssh to establish
   * API: decodeMailHeader handle nested encoding for
   * API: take care of INNODB and STRICT_TRANS_TABLES for recent mysql
   * calendar/holidays: fix charset for japanese holidays
   * API: taking care of sorting AND filtering by customfields with
names containing whitespace; (best way to deal with this issue, is not
using whitespace in your customfield names at all)
   * sitemanager: fix PostgreSQL error reported on org-tracker (#2956)
   * WebDAV: fix for Netdrive to work correct with non-ascii chars like
German umlauts
   * WebDAV: allow locking of not (yet) existing files to create them
   * Tracker: fixed not working file write rights for assignee
   * Filemanager: fixed not working rename of file, if path contains a #
or ?
   * eMail/eMailAdmin: is_a compatibility vs. php5.3.8 resolving to
instanceof operator
   * Filemanager/WebDAV: understand Windows7 modification time attribute
and setting and returning is as vfs modification time
   * Addressbook/csv-import: fix/enable update of account - userdata
when accounts are stored with ldap. If the condition is on account_id,
we supplement the condition with owner=0 (this is needed to correctly
determine the storage engine (ldap/sql) for accounts); we strongly
recomment NOT to try to use this for adding accounts: use admin import
definitions for that task
   * eMailAdmin: fix problem with UpperLowerCase User Names, use lower
case usernames ONLY, when accessing / creating / updating mailboxes
   * SyncML: Fix WBXML encoding issue (community bug#3020 and
SyncEvolution issue bug#2975)
   * API: is_a compatibility vs. php5.3.8 resolving to instanceof
operator for most common basic classes
   * eMail/Sieve/Vacation: set default to 7 for days setting in vacation
for new vacation setups
   * CalDAV/GroupDAV: return empty collection, as iCal under iOS 5 had
problems with returning "404 Not found" status
   * Calendar: added windows timezones to all installations (was added
in calendar update 1.7.005, but not to new installs)

For Download instructions see

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