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new EGroupware maintenance release

Just released a new maintenance release for 1.8.002, fixing the bugs
mentioned below:

* SyncML: fix WBXML namespache issue (bug 3048)
* eMail: bug regarding the mimetype of uploaded files; FF701 reports
wrong mime type; work around this, by always checking mimetype by suffix
* Calendar/sync: handle error regarding not getting an egw_time object
but no exception is thrown; may be php 5.2.x related.
* Filemanager/eTemplate: fix for MyStylite bug #2495: deleting files
containing [ as first char deletes whole directory
* GroupDAV/CalDAV/CardDAV: removed alternative approach from
groupdav.htaccess, as it is not suffient for iOS 4.3+ iCal

For Download instructions see

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