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permission Issue

Hello Friends,

I am trying to install egroupware on my server and i have 10 ip's, one of the IP ( i am using to host Egroupware but during installaton stage i have permission issues.

The 1st Error is :
Checking if php.ini setting session.save_path='' is writable by the webserver: myegroup/nobody drwxr-xr-x
is not writable by the webserver !!!

2nd Error:
Checking file-permissions of .././temp for not world writable: myegroup/myegroup drwxrwxrwx
.././temp is world writable !!!

3rs Error:
 Checking file-permissions of for not world readable: myegroup/myegroup -rw-r--r-- is world readable !!!

We tried giving all the permisions in either ways but unable to fix it.

Your help would be greatly appriciated.