perp-trunk on egw ce 1.8 saga continues: Automatic ordering: orders one item per order in huuuge quantities

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perp-trunk on egw ce 1.8 saga continues: Automatic ordering: orders one item per order in huuuge quantities

Hello Nathan, Developers,

So I fixed (i think) my perp installation and wanted to take advantage of
automatic ordering, min/max method.

I set up min/max values as required, and chose to run the auto-ordering script
every 5 minutes.

And it does propose things, but it's somehow out of order...
I need to order multiple lines per order, from 1 supplier mostly; currently it
amounts to about 20 lines.

The ordering script, proposes one item per order, but multiplies the first item
in line x the number of remaining lines, i.e. for example the first order has
20 lines of the first needed stock line, quantity of 40 on each line,
second order has
19 lines of the second needed stock line, quantity of 180 on each line,
third order has
18 lines of the third needed stock line, quantity of 44 on each line
and so on
where I was expecting rather

line 1 quantity : 40
line 2 quantity : 180
line 3 quantity : 44
and so on.

The quantities needed, otherwise look OK if I edit the proposed order to only
leave 1 line.

(well, apparently that loop

foreach ($to_order as $supplier_id => $items)

(line 48 of perp_ap/inc/class.bo_perp_automatic_order.inc.php)
does that I think?)

(I added break; in there after order->write() so it shouldn't do that any more,
still it will be 1 item per order... for now)

I guess I can live with the items being ordered one line per order, somehow;
(unless there is a way to merge the proposed orders?)

Kind Regards,

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