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we need distributors in your country


I wanted to follow up on my previous emails.

28 Year old U.S. company needs additional Distributors worldwide.
Large profit margins. Extensive market. Factory assistance.

We make dangerous, slippery floors slip resistant and safe.
One treatment lasts a minimum of 4 years. Indoors or outdoors

Your cost only .20 per square foot.
Works on tile, marble, granite, concrete, vinyl, wood, etc.

Our customers include McDonalds, Burger King, Holiday Inns, Sheraton
Hotels, Toyota, Pfizer, etc.

We are recipients of the U.S. President's 'Award For  Export Excellence'

Minimum 500 usd product inventory purchase required.

If you have good business experience and/or sales experience, we want to
hear from you.

Best Regards,
Sales Manager

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